MZPLUS.NET is owned by Mechzoneplus and it's group companies.

Mechzoneplus is located in an industrial site in Jalan Meru, Klang, Malaysia, with operations office in Jalan Bangsar in KL and Bukit Tinggi in Klang.

We are specialised in:


Instrumentation supply and services:


a. Environmental Instruments - air quality, water quality, gas monitors, weather, and a complete range of instruments for the environmental industries

b. Engineering Instruments - engineering teaching aids, strain gages,load cells, data loggers, skid resistance testers and a range of products for geotechnical and structural instrumentation.

1, VPG Micro Measurements Strain Gages and Instrumentation.


2. Traffic Calming Products:

a. Radar Speed Signs

b. Traffic counters


3.Masts :

Clark Masts Range of Products


4. Supply of Satellite Services and Systems.


Contact: sales@mzplus.net

Telephone: +6019 2259752 ; +6019 2128248; +6012 3831793 +6019 2262594

+6016 2258359

UK Branch: +44(0)1494 415017